Healthy Tips For Us

The body feels not fresh when we lack blood. Fatigue due to segunung activity also has the same impact. Any people choose SIP a glass of sweet ice tea in order to make the body refreshed. Sweet iced tea is indeed refreshing. But, excess sugar content in it make the calories in our bodies accumulate. If it does not immediately change the calories burned, so fat.

Don't want this situation we are experiencing? Try herbal freshener racik's own body are derived from natural ingredients such as quoted Health from healthy tips the book healthy recipes Traditional Herb Ayu & Java, Saturday

Wash clean all the ingredients and then boiled with 4 cups of water to a boil. Strain. When will drink give rock sugar or Palm sugar (to taste) and a little water the juice of a lime. Drink every time.

Pegagan leaves containing mineral salts helps launch the blood circulation and increases appetite. Turmeric helps launch the blood circulation and cure the anemia so that the body becomes fresh. Ati is known as adem leaves give freshness on the body.

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